Small Actions Framework

approach to social responsibility

What is the Small Actions Framework?

A unique four-level approach to Small Business Social Responsibility that is based on Corporate Social Responsibility best practices but specifically designed for Small Business Owners to be flexible, scalable, customizable, and sustainable.

How is the Framework Designed for Small Businesses?

Flexible for All Small Business Types and Sizes

It was created as a “framework” to provide tools and resources that can be adjusted to fit any Small Business no matter the size, industry, or location. The mission of Small Actions Greater Good is to inspire and support you, and ALL Small Business Owners, to become involved with Social Responsibility.

Scalable for Different Levels of Involvement

The framework has four levels – 1) Awareness, 2) Mindset, 3) Strategy, and 4) Communications. Each level includes progressively more activity and commitment from you but also provides progressively more business benefits in return. This allows for you to embrace Small Business Social Responsibility at any level and to decide when and if you want to increase your commitment level.

Customizable for Different Interests

There are four categories of Small Actions with additional subcategories under each. You can pick and choose which Small Actions you are most interested in implementing at any time that you want to implement them. That allows you to select actions that will most connect with your unique business and most benefit your overall brand, customers, and employees. In addition, when and if you to do more, the small actions can be combined into more formal programs (learned as part of Level 03 – Strategy).

Sustainable for Long-Term Commitment

The framework is built to sustain a long-term commitment to Social Responsibility. Every year you are encouraged to evaluate your actions to date and identify any improvements or additions that you want to make for the new year or a longer strategic period. You can continue, grow, or even decrease your actions whenever you want. The goal of Small Actions Greater Good is to inspire Small Business Owners to contribute to the greater good in ANY matter. What and how it’s done is always up to you.

How Do You Begin?

Take a Free Masterclass

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Learn more about the Small Actions Framework and how to effectively combine Social Good and Business Growth by embracing or increasing Small Business Social Responsibility efforts.

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Start with a Free Workbook

Want to Start Smaller and Prefer Reading? 

Do you want to learn about different ways of taking small actions to help improve the world around you and evaluate whether you may already be doing more than you realize? Assess your efforts and learn more about the Small Actions Framework.

Small Business Social Responsibility: a commitment to contribute to the greater good by taking educated, informed, and impactful small actions and implementing mindful business practices that improve the world around you while also contributing to your business growth and profitability.

Small Actions Greater Good

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