Level 2 – Reactive Small Business Social Responsibility

Consider Planning

Your business fits into Level 2 of the SAF – Reactive Small Business Social Responsibility. You are taking action when opportunities arise and you share your efforts when you can. It’s rare that you take the time to plan your actions in advance, most likely due to either lack of time or awareness.

However, you are interested in learning how to better plan your actions.  

Our Recommendations

When you take the time to plan your actions and do so with some important considerations in mind, you can make it easier to do good and you can better connect these actions with your business to achieve business benefits as well. 

The Small Actions Framework was designed to help Small Business Owners do exactly that.

If you are still skeptical on the idea of benefiting from your actions or you are hesitant to jump right in, we recommend you start with our free training, Avoiding or Eliminating the 6 Most Common Mistakes That Prevent Small Business Owners from Doing Effective Social Good. 

If you are ready to start immediately, please join the waitlist for our upcoming course The Small Actions Framework – A Unique Social Responsibility Approach for Small Business Owners, which will teach you how to start improving your efforts immediately.

The results of this assessment, with the recommended next step, will also be sent to your email.

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