Level 3 (Intentional Small Business Social Responsibility) – Consider Strategic Approach

Your business fits into Level 3 of the SAF – Intentional Small Business Social Responsibility. At this level, most Small Business Owners are aware of social responsibility, understand and accept how it could benefit their businesses, AND have the resources and desire to plan efforts in advance. 

The Small Actions Framework was created to help Small Business Owners make their social responsibility efforts easier and more effective (i.e. to ensure that the actions also benefit the business in return).

Thanks for your efforts already. And even better, you are interested in considering a more strategic approach to social responsibility!

Level 4 of the Small Actions Framework, Strategic Small Business Social Responsibility, is for Small Business Owners who have fully embraced social responsibility and incorporated their efforts as an ongoing, routine, and integral part of their business. At this level, actions are usually done via a program, which is a combined group of related projects that are coordinated to meet an overall program objective. 

There are two strategic approaches to consider:

  • Holistic Strategic Approach – A business is focused on improving its Social Responsibility efforts across all four categories (1 – Business Integrity, 2 – Health, Safety, and Wellness, 3 – Environmental Impact, and 4 – Community Engagement)
  • Cornerstone Strategic Approach – A business selects particular categories of action to focus its strategic approach around that specifically connect to its mission, purpose, or values.

We don’t currently offer online training for Level 4, Strategic Small Business Social Responsibility, because the efforts are so unique to each business. 

However, if you’d like to discuss your business and potential interests, you can schedule a free 20-minute discovery call. We’ll provide immediate recommendations during the call to help you get started and then follow-up with consulting options if you would like additional customized support.

The results of this assessment, with the recommended next step, will also be sent to your email.

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