Level 4 (Strategic Small Business Social Responsibility) – No Change

Your business fits into Level 4 of the SAF – Strategic Small Business Social Responsibility. At this level, a Small Business Owner has fully embraced social responsibility and has incorporated it as an ongoing, routine, and integral part of their business. Actions are usually done via a program, which is a combined group of related projects that are coordinated to meet an overall program objective.

The goal of a business in Level 4 is to do as much effective social good as possible that is intimately connected to the purpose and mission of their business and woven into their overall strategic planning process.

We appreciate you completing our business assessment and thank you for your social responsibility efforts. At the moment, you are not interested in making any changes to your efforts.

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In the meanwhile, we invite you to check out our online directories to support your ongoing efforts:

  • Small Actions Directory – ideas for how to do more good through your business
  • Socially Responsible Directory – providers, suppliers, and resources to help you do more good

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assessment results level 4 no change

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