How to Make Your Social Responsibility Efforts Easier and More Effective (with the Small Actions Framework)

Doing social good through your small business doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming. And it should also benefit your business.

It can be a beneficial loop – the more your business grows, the more good you can do, and when the good benefits your business, the more these efforts will help your business grow. And on, and on.

However, finding resources and tools specifically designed for very busy Small Business Owners is almost impossible. Nearly everything online recommends using Corporate Social Responsibility resources. But Corporate resources are often too cumbersome for a Small Business.

The Small Actions Framework is a 3-step approach specifically designed for busy Small Business Owners to do more effective social good.

This online course will teach you:

  • Step 1. Understand how and why to take action. – You'll acquire a strong understanding and appreciation of the different ways you can do social good and how your actions may also benefit your business.
  • Step 2. Learn how to make your actions effective. – You'll learn how to deeply connect your actions to your business foundations to ensure your actions do good AND benefit your business.
  • Step 3. Improve, replace or expand your actions. – Finally, you'll learn how to implement the Small Actions Framework no matter your level of social responsibility and how much you want to do in the future.

Small Actions Greater Good isn’t about learning how to do things “in general”. We take the “general” and make it “practical” for very busy Small Business Owners. 

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About the Presenter

Tanya Quinn, Founder of Small Actions Greater Good

Tanya’s always had an overwhelming need to see the bigger picture – to know how her efforts and energy in life were contributing to something more.

To fill a gap that she saw between large corporate programs and small business opportunities, she founded Small Actions Greater Good to provide Social Responsibility inspiration and support to Small Business Owners who, like her, want to contribute to the greater good while also contributing to their business growth and profitability.

She’s a passionate trainer who inspires Small Business Owners to do more good while also providing practical tips and resources to help make their efforts easier and more effective (i.e. contribute to their business growth).

Start Making Your Good Even Easier…

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