Social Responsibility Categories

Help make a difference through your small business

Do you know all of the different ways you can do good through your Small Business? The ideas are endless. And, so are the possible categories.

But no need to start searching, we did the research for you and created four Small Business Social Responsibility categories. This is a foundational element of the Small Actions Framework, a unique approach to Small Business Social Responsibility that was designed to make it easier for very busy Small Business Owners to do more effective good while also benefitting their businesses. To learn more about these categories, read our blog post.

Feel free to download one or more of the following graphics to use as a reminder or for inspiration (infographic or single-page). *If you share these graphics anywhere online, please link back to this page and/or provide credit to Small Actions Greater Good for the content.

Infographic (600 px x 1800 px)

social responsibility categories infographic by small actions greater good

SINGLE PAGE (8.5 inches x 11 inches)

social responsibility categories flyer by small actions greater good

Not Sure Where To Get Started?

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