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Tanya Quinn, Founder of Small Actions Greater Good

Passionately Inspiring and Supporting Small Business Owners To Do More Good (That Also Benefits Their Business), Inspire Others, and Pursue Their Purpose

About Tanya

Tanya’s always had an overwhelming need to see the bigger picture – to know how her efforts and energy in life were contributing to something more.

To fill a gap that she saw between large corporate programs and small business opportunities, she founded Small Actions Greater Good to provide Social Responsibility inspiration and support to Small Business Owners who, like her, want to contribute to the greater good while also contributing to their business growth and profitability.

She’s a passionate speaker who inspires Small Business Owners to do more good while also providing practical tips and resources to help make their efforts easier and more effective (i.e. contribute to their business growth).

After 20 years of experience in Corporate America, she’s comfortable presenting formal training to a large room of students, teaching a hands-on workshop, casually presenting a topic during a lunch event, or discussing a topic with an in-person or online host.

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Round Table / Social Responsibility Speaker at AltSummit 2020

What Are You Interested in?

Casual Speaking Engagements

Dispelling the 5 Most Common Small Business Social Responsibility Myths

Based on research and conversations with fellow Small Business Owners, there are 5 very common myths about Small Business Social Responsibility that prevent most owners from doing social good through their businesses:

1. A business can’t be both profitable and do good (or you have to be a non-profit or social enterprise).

2. Social responsibility only applies to Corporations or Large Businesses. After all, it’s usually referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility.

3. Social Responsibility is not worth it for Small Business Owners.

4. Social Responsibility is too hard for Small Business Owners.

5. Why bother? As a Small Business, my efforts will barely make a difference.

During this presentation or discussion, Tanya addresses each of these common myths (or limiting beliefs), discusses how they often prevent Small Business Owners from embracing Social Responsibility and presents an alternative truth for each myth.

Recommended audience

Small Business owners who are not familiar with Small Business Social Responsibility or not doing much.

Key Takeaway

Small Business Owners will leave with a better understanding of Small Business Social Responsibility and some ideas on getting started.

Recommended Format

Podcasts and Casual Presentations (20-30 minutes)

Avoiding or Eliminating the 6 Most Common Mistakes That Prevent Small Business Owners from Doing Effective Social Good

Contributing to the greater good is a goal for many Small Business Owners. However, most people are inadvertently making 6 common mistakes that prevent their efforts from being effective (or that prevent them from even starting):

  1. Not realizing how many ways they can “Do Good”.
  2. Making things too complicated when they get started.
  3. Not sharing their efforts.
  4. Being unaware of, or ignoring, how their efforts can also benefit their business.
  5. Not connecting their efforts directly TO their business.
  6. Not considering a strategic approach. 

During this conversation, Tanya clarifies what it means to do “effective” social good and provides guidance on how to avoid or eliminate each of these 6 mistakes.

Recommended Audience

Small Business owners who have some familiarity with Social Responsibility.

Key Takeaway

Attendees will learn how to make their Social Responsibility efforts easier and more effective.

Recommended Format

Podcasts and Casual Presentations (30-45 minutes)

Educational Courses and Workshops

Business Growth with the Greater Good in Mind: Why and How to Embrace Small Business Social Responsibility

Doing good AND growing your business are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Small Actions Greater Good believes they should be purposefully intertwined. 

During this formal training class, Small Business Owners will:

  • Learn the background and intention of Social Responsibility and how Corporate Responsibility programs don’t easily work for their business.
  • Find out why it’s so important for them to be a part of this growing (and rewarding) movement.
  • Explore how doing good can and should also benefit your business (including addressing common myths, objections, and mistakes).
  • Get innovative ideas and examples of how to do good as a Business Owner whether they want to start small or jump in with both feet.

As a workshop, additional guidance and time will be given for participants to create ideas to start Social Responsibility or to evaluate an existing action.

Recommended Audience

Small Business Owners who want to get started doing more good through their business (or are only taking occasional action).

Recommended Format

~60-minute presentation / ~90-120 minute interactive workshop

How to Make Your Social Responsibility Efforts Easier and More Effective (As a Small Business Owner)

Doing social good through your business, i.e. being a socially responsible business owner, is FABULOUS. However, if you aren’t being EFFECTIVE with your Social Responsibility efforts, you are wasting your time as a very busy Small Business Owner. 

During this formal training class, Small Business Owners will:

  • Find out what it means to make your social good efforts EFFECTIVE and why this is important for your business (hint, it’s about making sure the efforts also benefit the business).
  • Learn how to more easily determine what actions to take, keeping in mind that every business owner is different in their approach.
  • Receive tools to modify existing actions and plan future actions to make them more effective.

As a workshop, additional guidance and time will be given for participants to dig into one of their existing actions and then discuss and evaluate improvements with others.

Recommended Audience

Small Business Owners who are doing social good but want to expand what they do AND benefit from their actions.

Recommended Format

~60-minute presentation / ~90-120 minute interactive workshop

Keeping Social Good In Mind When You Start or Manage a Business

Educating up and coming Small Business Owners and Leaders is a very important mission for Small Actions Greater Good. This course is intended to introduce students to Social Responsibility and how they can start off their business with the social good in mind. 

During this formal training class, students will learn:

  • Three different business structures that can be used to do social good and how they vary.
  • Background and intention of Social Responsibility and how it’s been embraced by Corporate America.
  • Five most common myths that often prevent Small Business Owners from embracing Social Responsibility. 
  • Different options for doing good and how these efforts can benefit a business.
  • How any why it’s important to make these actions effective.

Recommended Audience

Undergraduate and graduate business school students.

Recommended Format

~60-minute presentation

Free For Students

Small Actions Greater Good presents this training free of charge to colleges and universities as part of their own Small Business Social Responsibility program.

Inspirational Presentation or Keynote

7 Key Lessons I Learned While Chasing My Purpose

Creating Small Actions Greater Good was a passion project for Tanya. She was blessed to identify her “purpose” relatively early in life (to make a difference in the world and help as many people as possible).

However, knowing her purpose and figuring out what to do about it was a 20-year journey that led to the creation of Small Actions Greater Good.

During this conversation, Tanya talks about her personal journey and shares the 7 key lessons she learned along the way that will help individuals who are still chasing their purpose.

    Recommended Audience

    Female Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are building or want to build a business based on a personal passion.

    Key Takeaways

    7 lessons to keep in mind during their own personal journey.

    Recommended Format

    Presentation or Keynote

    What People Are Saying

    “Tanya and her training is a big ‘Yes!’ Her message – inspiring and relevant. Her presentation skills – articulate, engaging, and welcoming. Her professionalism – a dream come true.

    Tanya’s webinar for our regional business development institute turned out better than imagined. People loved it! (So did I) I highly recommend Tanya and Small Actions Greater Good.”

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    Online Learning Specialist, Women’s Business Center at JEDI
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    Roundtable Speaker at AltSummit 2020

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