Social Responsibility Consulting

One-on-one custom support to help you do more social good through your small business

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Let’s Take Your Social Good and Make it Even Better!

If you are already taking actions to contribute to the greater good, but you want to do a lot more, make your current efforts easier and/or more effective (i.e. better benefit your business), or take a more strategic approach (i.e. incorporate your actions into the foundations of your business), AND you don’t want to do it alone…

Let’s Talk! I love to help Small Business Owners maximize their social good.

Where do we start? Schedule a free 20-minute discovery session so I can learn more about your business including:

  • What is your business mission, purpose, and value?
  • What is your current social responsibility level (by completing our Social Responsibility Assessment)?
  • How are you currently doing good?
  • Why do you want to improve your current efforts?
  • What is motivating your desire to make a change?

During the discovery session, I’ll provide some quick recommendations for changes you can make immediately. Following the session, I’ll send a recommendation on how I might be able to help you moving forward.

Request a Discovery Session

Send me your details and I’ll reply with a link to my calendar to schedule a free 20-minute discovery session.

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