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Food Service Disposables
Small Action Category: Environmental Impact | Waste Reduction

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If you provide food service disposables to your customers, such as utensils, dishes, napkins, straws, etc., stop assuming they are needed. Instead, ask your customers before automatically providing them. This applies even if you use environmentally friendly products as not all customers dispose of recyclable or compostable products properly.

This could be done in person when ordering directly or online if you modify your order forms to include a checkbox.

This optional action may even be required depending on where you operate. For example, cities including Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Chicago are passing ordinances that require customers to request disposable products before they are given.

*It’s important to make sure your Small Actions connect to your business to make them effective. Learn more about what it means to be effective in our related blog post

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Examples of new laws requiring customers to ask:


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