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Plants in the Office
Small Action Category: Mental Health | Safety, Health & Wellness

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The simple act of adding plants in the office has been proven to provide both mental and physical benefits for you and your employees. How? By reducing stress, providing a more welcoming environment, and cleaning the air (leading to fewer illnesses).

This is also one component of a larger design approach, Biophilic design, which involves incorporating the natural world into a built environment.

As with all social responsibility efforts, it’s important to consider how an action can benefit your business and to take action to maximize your potential benefits. For example, in addition to reducing your employee’s stress level, adding plants may also decrease the number of lost days (due to illness), increase productivity, and increase creativity. Your plant-friendly office may even help with the recruitment of new employees.

If you want to add plants to your office, take the time to do your research. Consider the space and lighting you have available, how often they will need to be watered, who will take care of the plants, if you have any pets in the space (some plants are toxic to animals), and more.

You can even hire a company to help select, buy/rent, and maintain the plants. And if you want to go one step further – consider installing an entire green wall!

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*It’s important to make sure your Small Actions connect to your business to make them effective. Learn more about what it means to be effective in our related blog post

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